A grapefruit is one of the larger citrus fruits and is eaten on its own as well as made into a juice. Various varieties are available, including the pink grapefruit. It is known for having a tart flavor..

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Grapefruit is a tangy fruit which looks like an orange or sweet lime in its appearance.

It’s a citrus fruit with a little hint of sweetness. It is named grapefruit due to the way it grows – in bunches like grapes.
grapefruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, a vitamin that helps to support the immune system. Vitamin C-rich foods like grapefruit may help reduce cold symptoms and severity of cold symptoms.

HS Code: 080540403801
Product: Grapefruit, including pomelos – without leaves and branches (fresh)
Variety: Ruby Grapefruit and Star Ruby Grapefruit
Sizes: 35,40,45,50,55
package: 15 KG N.W.-16 KG G.W. Standard carton.
17 Kg Open Top Carton.
8 Kg Carton.
Shipping: Sea Shipment and Air shipment
Availability: from october till january. 


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