Potatoes is the world’s fourth-largest food crop. Potato varieties differ in shape, color, size, flavor and starch content, there are close to 4000 different varieties of potato around the world, it has been bred into many standard or well-known varieties, each of which has particular agricultural or culinary attributes.

In general, varieties are categorized into a few main groups, such as russets, reds, whites, yellows and purples—based on common characteristics.

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Table Potatoes:

Spunta – Mondial – Nicola – Volvar – Lady Belfour – Belenni – Diamante.

Industry Potatoes:

Lady Rosetta – Hermes.

 Packing available:  
25 KG PP Bags
10 KG PP Bags
Jumbo Bags 1000 KG
Jumbo Bags 1250 KG.

 Color: Natural color Yellow
Sizes: 33/43, 55/75, 75/80, 80/90 CM and up.

Season: Jan to May.



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